Planet Color® Barrett-Jackson® Collector Color Series

With the Planet Color® Barrett-Jackson® Collector Color Series everyone can have that just off the auction block color and shine. 


The Planet Color® Barrett-Jackson® Collector Color Series uses a pint-filled quart to create the "Mix and Go" can. National Rule customers will simply top off the can with one of the existing Planet Color® PCS25, PCS35, and PCS45 reducers and are then ready to apply. Low VOC customers will need to add an ounce of hardener prior to topping off with PCRD1 or PCRD2 reducers. Each of the twenty-five factory packaged colors has a uniquely color-coded label to help identify the color within the can. 

Barrett Jackson Planet Color

Taking the guesswork out of custom with Seven Steps to a Killer Paint Job

  • Clearly explaining all product steps

-Prep to Polish!

  • A complete system that is easy-to-spray
  • Listing all products, including mix ratios
  • One stop shop! 



Custom is about Color! 

  • 25 brilliant and beautiful colors

Easy-to-spray formulations

  • 5 Mid-Coat colors

Ability to personalize your color

  • Colors that are the best of the new and old

Restyled muscle car colors

Colors as found on today's top custom rides

  • Barrett-Jackson assisted with the color palette

Choosing colors as found on their top selling muscle car and custom vehicles

Colector Color Series will be featured at Barrett-Jackson Auctions


Packaged for ease of use

  • Pint-filled quart can to create "Mix and Go" can


Reference Material:

  • Product Brochure
  • Applications Guide - National Rule Low VOC
  • Color Card
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Product Data Sheets (PDS) 

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