Color Support Tools

  • iFEX® Spectro

    Simple to use color spectrophotometer that provides consistent and fast color choices for any vehicle on the road today

  • Rod & Resto Custom Color

    Providing classic colors for cool and restored hot rods and muscle cars.

  • FormulaExpress®

    Looking for a specific automotive paint color? Use FormulaExpress to search by vehicle, formula, color chip and OEM color code to find your perfect match

Color Identification Tools

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  • Prospector® Color Reference

    Chromatically arranged color chip system, containing over 7,800 sprayed color chips, designed to reduce the amount of time that users spend identifying and selecting colors.

  • Color Works® - The Match Box

    Chromaticaly arranged color selection tool for the Fleet & Commercial market

  • Fan Decks

    Portable, hand held color tools

  • Color Cards

    Color cards are a convenient format for displaying color availability for factory packaged colors or for color used for very specific applications

Color Resources

  • OEM Color Documentation

    Martin Senour maintains strong OEM and industry partnerships to get accurate color information and formulas

  • Tinting Support

    Martin Senour offers many tools to help you optimize the tinting process of our intermix color systems