Federal EPA rule 40 CFR Part 63, Subpart HHHHHH (6H) was published in January 2009. The rule applies to any area source that engage in any of the following activities:
  • Paint stripping using paint stripper containing methylene chloride (MeCl)
  • Spray application of coatings to metal or plastic substrates with coatings containing compounds of Chromium, Lead, Manganese, Nickel, or Cadmium.
Martin Senour® Automotive Products

Basic Requirements for Surface Coating Operations:

  • Must train/certify all painters on spray gun equipment selection, spray techniques, maintenance, and environmental compliance. Martin Senour provides E-learning to help comply with the Training requirement. Contact a Martin Senour Training Center for More Information.
Spray Booths
  • Surface coating must be performed in a spray booth or prep station with filter technology to achieve at least 98% capture efficiency. Shops should keep a letter from the filter manufacture stating this.
Application Equipment
  • Must use HVLP or an equivalent technology.
  • Compliance Date
  • Existing Sources (In operation before 9/17/2007) must comply on January 10, 2011.
  • New Sources must comply upon start up.
  • Reporting and Record Keeping
  • Initial Notification (Informs EPA that the facility exists and is subject to the standards):
  • Existing Source 1/11/2010
  • New Sources 180 days after startup.
Certification of Compliance:
  • Existing Sources 3/11/2011
  • New Sources as part of initial notification
  • Keep records of Training, Filter Efficiency, Notifications sent to EPA.
This page is meant to provide general information on the 6H regulation and is not to be used to judge a shop's compliance or non-compliance with the rule. Compliance must be based on the full text of the rule as published by the U.S. EPA,