The new redesigned and updated Martin Senour Website has launched. Check out this summary of the enhancements and additions that were made to improve your experience!
The Martin Senour website has been redesigned and updated based on feedback from our users. Users will now have access to the latest products, training and information more quickly than before. Search has been optimized to include more results and better information Navigation has been improved to make it easier to use so that you can find what you need with fewer clicks.

Up-to-date Content

The site upgrade provides the user with current, timely content.  Now that we have full control of the website, we are able to quickly update content for promotions, product launches, landing pages, etc.  This also gives us the ability to provide the latest PDS and SDS materials. 
The Martin Senour website can be updated with the latest products promotions and information so you get the information you need faster

Improved Search Capability & Product Shelf Filtering

Search functionality and capability were enhanced to provide the user with a number of different ways to find product and content within the site.  PDS and SDS materials are organized by brand and can be searched by product number, allowing for quick accessibility.  These materials, along with regulatory data can also be located in one spot.  Product lines and categories are now in one consistent menu for clear, simple targeting.  The new filtering capability also lets the user define their exact search in just a few clicks.
Martin Senour Search has been enhanced to be more robust and easier to use

Redesigned Navigation

Users will now be able to quickly navigate through frequently used areas in the main menu, including:  Quick product links, color tools, services, training and resources.  These areas have also undergone a layout update to allow for cleaner pages, especially the training page.
Martin Senour navigation is easier to use to find website information quicker