This course is designed to help collision repair shops discover ways to measure their performance and use those measurements to focus their efforts to improve their business' performance. The course is focused on Paint Shop issues, but the concepts can be used successfully in other areas of a collision repair facility.
The course presentation will use written materials, group discussions and hands-on exercises to develop skills necessary to be more profitable in today's highly competitive market. The ultimate goal of the course will be to maximize a shop's profitability by identifying areas that fall below common benchmarks and using real-world techniques to improve performance in those areas.
Qualifications: This course is designed for Shop Owners, Office Managers or anyone interested in improving their business.
Duration: 4 hours
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Each class participant will receive 8 credits towards the Accredited Automotive Manager designation from AMI.
  • Applying lean production processes to collision repair environments
  • Begin identifying waste elimination and pursuing operational excellence
  • Establishing a long-term management philosophy
  • Learn how to value stream map
  • Perform root cause analysis using 5-why analysis
  • Topcoat systems, options & application