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Martin Senour® Paints provides products that cover trucks, equipment, machinery, and more! Martin Senour® products and low VOC formulas help you meet environmental standards in virtually every market and every regulated area. Martin Senour® programs and services will train and educate you on how lean production and its business benefits lead to a competitive advantage and long-term business sustainability. These programs also help manage waste, inventory control, and improve efficiency. Martin Senour® Undercoats, Basecoats, Single Stage Topcoats, and Clearcoats offer industry-leading speed, performance, and quality in both solvent and waterborne technology.

Recommended Products

  • Prism® Commercial Refinish System
  • PCC® Premium Commercial Coatings
  • Cross/Fire® Refinish System
  • Industrial Maintenance Coatings
  • Rustproof M/D™ Coatings
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Additional Resources

  • Color Tools

    Retrieve, match, and spray color with speed and confidence

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  • Services & Programs

    From the paint booth to the office, Martin Senour is your full service partner.

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  • Hands-on Classroom Training

    Martin Senour® automotive paint training courses are designed to provide hands-on knowledge in a variety of areas that are of direct interest to the automotive painting professional.

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